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About us

For over a quarter-century, Nine Roses has been serving authentic Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine much to the delight of longtime followers and first-time explorers alike. Owners Jeff and Lang Nguyen are proud of the longevity of the restaurant, and credit much of their success to the family-friendly atmosphere and sense of belonging they have cultivated with guests over the years. Nine Roses was first started by a matriarch, Mama Tu who took a gamble on herself as a chef, by also taking on the demanding role of restaurateur, opening up her original location across from West Jefferson High School. Since then, the husband and wife duo, Jeff and Lang, have taken over the reins of the business from their enterprising mother and moved a little way down the road, but on any given day you can still find the passionate 77-year-old Mamu Tu commanding the kitchen, taste testing to her rigorous standards of perfection as well as finding new and exciting dishes to share.